ShowerMe™ Smart App



The Aqualisa Smart Showers are now also controlled from the Aqualisa app. With the app, every member of the family can create and save a unique showering experience which is ready every time they take a shower. The app will also track water useage, running time and indicate the cost for eco-conscious households. 

Getting to know the ShowerMe™ Smart App


The ShowerMe™ Smart App unlocks a host of fantastic features to enhance your Aqualisa Smart Shower experience. Enjoy safe, efficient, and personalised showering!


Control your shower with your voice


Did you know, Aqualisa Smart Showers can be controlled by your voice? Simply connect the shower to your Amazon Alexa or Hey Google device over your home Wi-Fi so that it becomes part of your smart home ecosystem. Once connected with your smart home device via the ShowerMe™ Smart App, you can operate the shower by using your voice, including turning the shower on and off from any location in your home. So you’ll never need to reach in to activate your shower and it will always be at the perfect temperature and flow.


Create a personal profile for you – and your whole family


Within the ShowerMe™ Smart App, you can create a personalised profile for every member of the family, giving each individual a unique, safe showering experience that is ready every time they take a shower. With the personal profile, each user can choose their preferred temperature, flow and timer settings for maximum comfort. The duration of the shower can also be selected, helping to reduce the family’s water consumption and be more eco-friendly at the same time. You can even choose a profile for the family dog! For added convenience, the app also offers a range of pre-set profiles. 


Control your shower from the app


Using the ShowerMe™ Smart App, you’ll never have to step into a cold shower again! Simply use the app to switch on your shower remotely, or at a time specified by you, and your shower will be ready to enjoy at your perfect temperature and flow – every single time*. This feature also ensures that the water will never be too hot, so it’s safe for every member of the family, including the children. If you have a dual outlet shower, the ShowerMe™ Smart App will also let you select your desired outlet (showerhead) or divert to your second outlet.


Track your water efficiency and save money


An easy-to-read dashboard within the ShowerMe™ Smart App allows you to monitor your family’s daily water usage and keep an eye on costs. This helps you to become more water-efficient – so it’s great for your pocket and also for the planet!


Fill your bath from anywhere


Another brilliant feature of the ShowerMe™ Smart App is the ability to fill your bath from anywhere, to the level and temperature you desire, at a time that suits you! Just follow the instructions and choose the settings from within the app. An additional safety innovation from Aqualisa, ensuring the bath is never too hot, for extra peace of mind.


Need help?


We’re here to help you with any questions. Within the ShowerMe™ Smart App, you’ll find a dedicated tab providing access to our friendly Customer Support and Live Chat options. 


* Temperature and flow control available on the Quartz Touch model only.

** Applies only to Aqualisa Smart Showers with a bath fill option.

Availability of the app is based on software, not model of phone. The app is available on any iphone running ios version 10.1 and above (This is available on iPhone 6 or above but if they have not updated their software they may not be running it!) and on Android the software version is Android 8 and above, so any Android device running version 8 or above of their software will be compatible.

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