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  • Guide to Smart Showers

    What Is a Smart Shower & How Do They Work?

    With most of your home utilising smart features every day, why not take them into the bathroom too? With a smart shower you can control your shower by voice and have complete control over your shower experience. “Hey Alexa, turn the shower on!.”

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Water Pressure

    The Ultimate Guide To Water Pressure

    What is water pressure, how is it measured and how can it be increased in your home? Understand everything about water pressure and how it can impact your shower.

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  • Aqualisa Catalogue and Core Product Update | March 2023

    We’re pleased to announce that our popular HiQu Digital Shower series and the associated Options Accessories range will be moving across to our ‘Core Products’ offering

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  • Aqualisa attending ISH Frankfurt 2023

    Aqualisa attending ISH Frankfurt 13-17 March 2023 - Stand B80, Hall 4.2. The UK’s leading brand in faucets and mixers – will be exhibiting at ISH 2023 in Frankfurt this year, showcasing its innovative collection of smart digital and concealed shower solutions.

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  • Aqualisa announces eVOLVE electric shower series

    Sleek new range built for safety, value and eco-friendly performance

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  • Aqualisa wins RoSPA Gold Award

    Aqualisa wins RoSPA Gold Award for health and safety achievements

    British bathroom specialist receives highest safety recognition from industry body. Bathroom product specialist Aqualisa has once again been honoured with the RoSPA Gold Award, an internationally-recognised accolade for demonstrating the highest health and safety standards.

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  • Aqualisa Acquired by Fortune Brands

    British shower manufacturer Aqualisa has been acquired by Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc (NYSE: FBHS) from mid-market private equity firm LDC.

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  • Aqualisa expands Midas™ 220 mixer shower range with on-trend Matt Black and Matt White models

    • Iconic Midas™ 220 collection extended to meet the growing demand for new colour options • Contemporary Matt White and Matt Black finishes complement a wide range of interiors • Available in three premium combinations to suit all bathroom sizes and designs • Each model features a thermostatic brass body and brass handles

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  • Stylish bathroom storage ideas - 5 solutions to keep your bathroom neat and tidy

    Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, but usually the smallest. We keep our hair and body products, toilet rolls, toothbrushes and toothpaste there so good storage is essential if we want to keep it neat and tidy.

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  • Five reasons why taking a daily shower increases your creativity

    It’s the first place you go to in the morning and the last place you go to before you go to bed. Did you know that the bathroom is more important to our lives than we might think.

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  • 5 ways to help lower your stress with Aqualisa

    Over the last couple of years we’ve all had a lot to adjust to. The pandemic has affected our way of life and probably for all of us there will have been times when we’ve wondered if we’re ever get to live a normal life again.

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  • How to set your day up for success with a good morning routine

    Does the thought of waking early feel alarming and unsettling, a practice reserved for high flyers and US Politicians? When your alarm goes off do you reach out bleary eyed and hit the snooze button? Even when you’ve gone to bed with the intention of getting up early to start the day well, by setting your alarm an for hour earlier than usual, but still have slept in.

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  • Simple steps to using less energy and water and saving money

    With increases in energy prices and the cost of living rising, UK households are finding they need to keep a closer eye on their outgoings.

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  • Saving water - 5 simple steps to make a big difference in your bathroom

    Climate change is such an important issue and yet we can feel the small things we are able to do will have little impact. However Climate Scientists agree that some of the simplest steps we can take add up to making a big difference, and one of those is saving water.

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  • Create a good evening routine for a better nights sleep

    Studies show that lack of sleep can affect our wellbeing and yet a significant numbers of adults struggle to get off to sleep at night. Maybe their job is stressful and they’ve too much on their plate, or they haven’t yet worked out how to get a healthy balance between work and home life.

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  • Enjoy a spa experience in your home

    You’ve had a busy week or a stressful day and you’re feeling like you need to relax. Yes, it would be nice to book a spa day, but possibly you’ve used up all of your holiday or it’s not that easy to find a babysitter to look after your kids - that usually requires some significant forward planning.

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  • Simple tips to using more natural products to clean your shower and prevent limescale build up

    Most of us are used to using cleaning products containing chemicals to keep our bathrooms in tip-top condition. They work well and especially for hard water areas where limescale can be a problem. However, we are all more aware and conscious of the impact of pollution on our waterways and ocean life, partly caused by what we put down the drain. In the bathroom particularly it’s not been easy to find effective natural products that do the job well. ...

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  • The modern way to style your bathroom - 5 styling tips

    Are you looking for design inspiration for your bathroom? A bathroom renovation can make a huge difference to the feel of your house, and alongside a new kitchen it’s usually top of the list of priorities for upgrading a home.

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  • Aqualisa announces Downtown™ taps range in matt black

    British manufacturer expands premium bathroom taps line-up with contemporary matt black options.

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  • Smart vs Digital Showers: The Difference and Benefits

    A shower is a shower, isn’t it? Well, you might be surprised to know that there’s a whole host of different showering options to suit all bathroom types, household water supplies and personal preferences. And they’re getting smarter by the day.

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