Saving water - 5 simple steps to make a big difference in your bathroom
Saving water - 5 simple steps to make a big difference in your bathroom

Saving water - 5 simple steps to make a big difference in your bathroom


Author: Aqualisa


According to the Energy Saving Trust “Water companies capture much less rain for our use than people commonly assume, with parts of the UK already subject to water stress.”

Getting water treated and pumped into our homes also uses energy which is another reason why it’s important to reduce our water consumption and make the most of what we have.

Also, according to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds the less water we use in our homes the less pressure there is on our wetlands and rivers in times of water stress. They say: “Saving water will ensure more stable, resilient habitats for the birds and other wildlife which depend on our water environment for their survival.”

So what simple steps can we take to make the most of the water we have, limit wasting water and reduce our water bills? Let’s take a look at the bathroom - here are our five simple steps to reducing the water we use. 

  1. Turn the tap off when bushing your teeth. This has to be one of the easiest steps we can take. Did you know that keeping a tap running can use around 9 litres per minute.
  2. Take a shorter shower. Can you reduce the time you take to have a shower? Or perhaps you could turn the shower off when shampooing and conditioning your hair and turn it back on when you need to rinse it off. Consider investing in a smart shower, with the Aqualisa™ Smart App, it’s possible to create a personalised profile for every member of the family, including timer settings so the length of a shower can be set, helping to reduce the family’s water consumption. You can even choose a profile for the family dog! Of course it’s nice to stand under your shower and relax, but think about all of the water running down the plughole and the energy it’s taken to heat up your water. A shorter shower will use less of your hot water up, saving you money and is kinder to the environment
  3. Use a shower that has built in water saving settings. Our Visage Q shower is controlled easily through the Aqualisa App which includes access to a water consumption dashboard and includes an “eco” mode which can reduce your water usage by up to 33%. It also features an auto wake-up function – where the shower automatically turns on when you get close to it.
  4. Place a water saving device in the toilet cistern. Typically we each flush the toilet six times a day. The average toilet uses nine litres of water per flush. By using a water saving device in the toilet cistern (most water companies provide these for free for older cisterns) you can save thousands of litres of water a year.
  5. Use an aerated, low-flow or water-saving shower head. Water efficient shower heads can reduce the amount of water you use. Our Harmony shower head is designed to deliver water savings of up to 25% without compromising on water power.

If you are thinking of updating your shower and want to be as energy efficient as possible, our smart showers enable you to track indicative water costs through the Aqualisa App to see how taking a shorter shower can save water and save money.