Simple tips to using more natural products to clean your shower and prevent limescale build up
Simple tips to using more natural products to clean your shower and prevent limescale build up

Simple tips to using more natural products to clean your shower and prevent limescale build up


Author: Aqualisa


When you make the switch to a more natural alternative there are so many benefits and not just to the environment. Conventional cleaning products can contain chemicals that are harmful to our bodies if we have too much exposure to them and can increase indoor air pollution. Typically they are made from non-renewable resources like petroleum, and so effect our eco-system.

It’s also possible to reduce the number of cleaning products you use and replace them with a more natural cleaner, saving you money. Distilled white vinegar for example, can be used as a mould and mildew remover, window cleaner and to clean your toilet bowl. However be careful when using vinegar on polished surfaces as it can affect the finish. Although widely recommended as a natural alternative it is not always suitable as an all purpose cleaner.

When it comes to keeping your shower clean, using distilled white vinegar then might not be the best option. So what products can you use that work well and are not harmful to the environment?

Limescale build-up can prevent your shower working correctly, but can be tough to remove. One of the best tips is to keep on top of it. It might be obvious we know, but regularly cleaning your shower head with an eco-friendly product will help prevent limescale build-up.

However if it’s not something that’s slipped your attention and the limescale has built-up we’ve some simple tips to help you get your shower sparkling and back running at 100%.

How to descale your shower head

If you live in a hard water area, which tends to be the majority of the south of England, then you should descale your shower on a regular basis.

Ecover’s and Ocean Saver both have effective eco-friendly limescale remover products that can be used on your shower without harming the environment.

Here’s how we recommend using the on your shower head:

Spray and leave the limescale remover on for 30 minutes (with Ocean Saver you will need to follow their instructions before the product is ready for use) before rubbing it off with a non-abrasive cloth.

If you have a fixed head shower, spray very generously and then cover with a damp cloth also sprayed with the product, big enough to wrap over the head and secure with a large rubber band or with a piece of elastic.

With an adjustable head, spray the shower head with a generous amount of product and lay it in a bowl head face up. Leave it for 30 minutes before rubbing it off well with a non abrasive cloth and then rinsing with water.

Aqualisa shower heads incorporate a ‘clear flow’ design which means limescale build-up is not such a problem in hard water areas. To make use of this simply rub the flexible nozzles on the head after you shower. This will break down the limescale - it's as simple as that! Do this periodically depending on your water conditions.