Enjoy a spa experience in your home
Enjoy a spa experience in your home

Enjoy a spa experience in your home


Author: Aqualisa


But maybe you don’t need to book yourself into a spa to be refreshed and renewed, with some simple steps you can create a spa experience in your own home.

  1. Be prepared and give your bathroom an advanced deep clean. There is nothing relaxing about sitting in the bath and noticing dirty tile grout or feeling like your bath hasn’t been cleaned in a while. In influencer Alexandra Stedman’s recent reel that just went viral, she shows a simple and cheap solution to refreshing dirty tile grout with a grout pen. And if you want to have a sparkling clean bathroom before you plan your home spa experience, the Good Housekeeping Institute has some helpful tips here.
  2. Create a feeling of calm. It can be hard to relax and unwind when we’re aware of all of the other things we need to do. So before you run your bath, note down the thoughts that are running through your head, and then write an action by them. So if it’s a task, you could jot down when you are going to complete it. Music can help us shift from the busyness of the day, so select some relaxing music on your streaming app, or try this Spa music playlist on Spotify to help calm your soul. Put your speaker outside the door and turn it up so that you are able to hear it, but without it being too overpowering, unless of course you’re fortunate enough to have a ceiling speaker. Do leave your phone in another room so as not to be distracted.
  3. Light a scented candle and sip a herbal tea. Scent can help us to relax by encouraging us to take deep breaths. Choose one from an aromatherapy range because of the therapeutic benefit of products that use essential oils. Before you even have a bath, prepare yourself mentally. Quieten your mind. Light the candle, put it on a little stool or on a shelf. Focus on the light and take some deep breaths. Breathe in the scent. Feel yourself starting to relax. Make a herbal tea. Put it in a special mug, one that you love to hold with both hands. Chamomile is known for its relaxing properties, but it’s not to everyone’s taste, but choose a blend that’s caffeine free to help you relax.
  4. Find a new favourite bubble bath, and give yourself a facial. Treat yourself to a new bath product. Lavender is known for its relaxing qualities and using a bubble bath that contains lavender oil, will help to bring calm to your home spa experience. Once you are sitting in your bath and relaxing, it is then a good time to apply a face mask, as the steam from the bath will have opened your facial pores. Gently apply a rich and creamy face mask, or for duller skin there are gel-textured masks.

Put on a bathrobe and sit in a comfy chair. Your home spa experience needn’t end when you’ve washed off your face mask. Wrap your hair in a towel, put on a bathrobe, refresh your herbal tea and sit in your favourite comfy chair. Move your candle so it’s by your chair and snuggle up with a love-worn blanket. Perhaps read a book of poetry or listen to a gentle podcast. Or even have a little snooze. But most of all relax, enjoy and sit in the peace.