About Aqualisa


Since 1977 Aqualisa has been pioneering the way in which we shower simply because it believes that a great day starts with a great shower.

Where it all began

Our journey started with the introduction of the revolutionary bi
metallic, thermostatically controlled shower valve, allowing shower
temperatures for the first time to be stable and safe.  

Invented the world's first digital shower

Our success inspired us to invent the world’s first ever digital
shower introducing electronics that enables the temperature to
be adjusted instantly and very precisely. In 2017 we unleashed
exciting new technology into our digital range creating the most
personalised shower you could imagine. 

Pioneers of smart home showers

Our latest innovation is a truly smart shower with voice activation and functionality via a smartphone app that allows you to switch on your shower and even fill your bath from just about anywhere. This adds personal showering settings for the whole family, water saving options as standard and tracking of the cost of taking each shower.

Every type of shower is available from the Aqualisa brand. Aqualisa designs and manufactures showering products that are aesthetically pleasing and aspirational, but which are vitally renowned for their power, performance and reliability. Aqualisa also focuses obsessively on safety, quality and durability as well as embraces the latest technology.