A Future Proof Shower

Replacing a mixer valve within the bathroom can seem daunting if you don’t wish to redecorate, but thanks to Aqualisa’s newest innovation, you no longer have to make the choice between a great shower upgrade and the cost of retiling. 

The Quartz Smart Retrofit Shower cleverly conceals the pipework left behind when removing an exposed mixer shower from the wall, allowing you to seamlessly integrate an Aqualisa Quartz Smart Shower into your bathroom in an easy and cost-effective manner.

This unique innovation (patent applied for) will replace almost any exposed mixer shower with ease and includes an innovative shelf, designed to provide convenient storage space for essential bathroom accessories.


What is a Smart Shower?

Offering full connectivity to the smart home, Smart Showers combine the precise electronic control of a digital shower with the modern convenience of voice and app activation. Enjoy effortless showering with enhanced safety features over mixer showers, eco modes for enhanced water saving and a range of designs to suit every bathroom project.

A Safer Shower

Peace of mind for the family is important to us at Aqualisa. With a Smart Shower, you can set a maximum temperature on the SmartValve™ box during installation providing you with assurance that your family can shower safely with a consistent pressure and water flow.

Thanks to the technology within our Smart Showers, water is not only delivered at a consistent flow it is actually checked 10 times a second to deliver precise temperature control and enhanced reassurance.


A Smarter Shower

Showering your way has never been easier. With an Aqualisa Smart Shower you can choose to control your shower through the handy smartphone app, by using a remote or even by using your voice. With full connectivity into the integrated smart home, our Smart Showers are compatible for use with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices. 

Unique to Aqualisa, all of our Smart Showers are controlled over WiFi rather than Bluetooth. This offers unparalleled connectivity within the home, meaning that, unlike other app-controlled showers, you don’t have to be within a certain range of your shower to use it. Enjoy the next generation of showering with convenience at the heart.

A Cleaner Shower

Whilst it’s great to be able to turn on your shower from the comfort of your bed, the Aqualisa App goes one step further. Set up a ‘Home Hub’ for the whole family and see who’s taking too long in the shower thanks to the intuitive dashboard available on the app. You can even track indicative water costs to see how taking a shorter shower might not only benefit the environment but your back pocket too. 

Eco features found on every Aqualisa Smart Shower can deliver up to 33% water savings within the house, allowing you to be more conscious about your water consumption as well as helping the environment.

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