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Founded on innovation leadership, Q Smart Shower range creates the next generation of showering, establishing the smart shower as an integral part of the family home.

Optic Q


  • Create unique shower profiles for the whole family, including temperature selection, outlet and flow rate.
  • Unique proximity sensor reduces water flow when you step away from the motion controlled shower*
  • Full colour digital display for a premium and user friendly shower control
  • 5 years parts and labour guarantee when registered with Aqualisa

*HP/Combi systems only

Discover our most personalised smart shower yet with Optic Q. Choose from a selection of pre-set programmes or create and save your own personal shower profile. Optic Q features a full colour digital control, along with intuitive activation through your smart home device or Aqualisa app.

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Unity Q


  • Voice controlled smart showering using Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa - turn your shower on using your voice.
  • Interactive dashboard tracks and records water consumption, time and indicative costs.
  • Intuitive LED lights to indicate when selected temperature has been reached and the shower is ready for use
  • 5 years parts and labour guarantee when registered with Aqualisa

Designed for use by the whole family, Unity Q has been engineered with you in mind, enhancing the tried and tested digital shower technology that made Aqualisa a household name and adding in all of the convenience of the modern day smart home.

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Visage Q


  • Controlled easily through the Aqualisa App, which includes access to a water consumption dashboard
  • Safe family showering using thermostatic shower controls - set a maximum water temperature during installation for enhanced safety benefits
  • Eco functionality saves up to 33% on water consumption
  • 5 years parts and labour guarantee when registered with Aqualisa

Sensational smart showering is now just one touch away thanks to Visage Q. Engineered to stand the test of time, and with the convenience of the modern day smart home, Visage Q offers the convenience and simplicity that every family needs.

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Very pleased with our purchase

Temperature and flow control is really great. Use of the App might seem a little gimmicky but gives feedback on water consumption (and cost) so is proving useful.... Overall really pleased with the service and product.

David R


The Aqualisa Smart Showers are now also controlled from the Aqualisa app.

With the app, every member of the family can create and save a unique showering experience which is ready every time they take a shower. The app will also track water useage, running time and indicate the cost for eco-conscious households. 


Unlike a conventional shower, Aqualisa Smart Showers differ as they are controlled remotely by a separate SmartValveTM which can be located away from the shower, in the technical room, airing cupboard or under the bath for example.


The unique Aqualisa SmartValveTM thermostatically blends the water ensuring that the flow from the shower heads is constantly the correct temperature.

The Quartz smart shower range brings together the most sophisticated, accessible and user friendly choice of connected showers in the UK market.