Quartz™ Smart Retrofit Shower

Enjoy a sensational smart shower experience with the perfect, no-mess solution that converts an exposed mixer valve to any smart shower from the Aqualisa Quartz Collection without having to re-tile.

Go Smart, Minimise Disruption


The Quartz™ Smart Retrofit Shower all-in-one shower pack, which includes a Quartz™ Collection shower and upgrade assembly kit, makes the move to smart showering simple.

An exposed Smart shower can be up and running in as little as a few hours. A brilliant solution for any new bathroom, but especially good to go over baths or bathrooms where there hasn't previously been a shower.

With all the benefits of Wi-Fi connectivity, including voice activation and remote programming, your new smart shower instantly updates your bathroom and transforms the shower experience for the whole family.

Convert your mixer valve to a smart shower without re-tiling


You can now update to a smart shower without having to re-tile your shower area. The Smart Retrofit Shelf allows you to replace an exposed mixer shower with any choice of exposed shower from the Quartz™ Smart Collection.

The Smart control docks with the attractive chrome shelf to hold the shower unit securely in place, and it's never been simpler to install. If necessary, a rail extension to the ceiling allows the new shelf assembly to be positioned exactly the required height to cover existing pipework connections. A unique upgrade solution as well as useful storage.

The polished chrome shelf push fits neatly onto the back plate (only one screw required) to house the new smart shower control which is then connected to the shower hose and rail.


Defining the showering experience, the Quartz™Smart Retrofit Shower is powered by a Smart Valve™, a small but powerful device that blends the hot and cold water and controls the flow with smart precision to the exact flow and temperature selected, regardless of the external temperature or conditions.

It can be located up to 10 metres away from the bathing area, in the loft, airing cupboard or under the bath and delivers the perfect shower every time. 

Very pleased with our purchase

Temperature and flow control is really great. Use of the App might seem a little gimmicky but gives feedback on water consumption (and cost) so is proving useful.... Overall really pleased with the service and product.

David R


Enjoy the latest in showering technology with our SmartApp™. Save money and water by tracking your water consumption and learn just how much your daily shower is costing you.

The Aqualisa SmartApp™ also enables you to set unique showering profiles for every member of your household ensuring the temperature is perfect each time you take a shower.


Available with the following controllers

Quartz Touch


  • Create unique shower profiles for the whole family, including temperature selection, outlet and flow rate.
  • Unique proximity sensor reduces water flow when you step away from the motion controlled shower*
  • Full colour digital display for a premium and user friendly shower control
  • 5 years parts and labour guarantee when registered with Aqualisa

*HP/Combi systems only

Even the most advanced smart control remains simple and intuitive with Quartz Touch, Aqualisa's most personal showering experience. A choice of pre-set shower programmes or individual shower and bath settings for the whole family, from anywhere, is modern showering personified.

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Quartz Classic


  • Voice controlled smart showering using Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa - turn your shower on using your voice.
  • Interactive dashboard tracks and records water consumption, time and indicative costs.
  • Intuitive LED lights to indicate when selected temperature has been reached and the shower is ready for use
  • 5 years parts and labour guarantee when registered with Aqualisa

A proven bestseller, Quartz Classic now takes its place at the heart of Aqualisa's smart shower range as a connected shower and bath control. Unsurprisingly, the Quartz Collection takes its inspiration from what is, quite simply, the UK's most trusted and recognised name for innovative showering technology.

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Quartz Blue


  • Controlled easily through the Aqualisa App, which includes access to a water consumption dashboard
  • Safe family showering using thermostatic shower controls - set a maximum water temperature during installation for enhanced safety benefits
  • Eco functionality saves up to 33% on water consumption
  • 5 years parts and labour guarantee when registered with Aqualisa

Quartz Blue is our new introduction to the enjoyment of smart showering. Discover the ease and convenience with all the internet enabled settings and controls, including a remote. New generation showering has just become a reality.

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The Quartz smart shower range brings together the most sophisticated, accessible and user friendly choice of connected showers in the UK market.