Small Bathroom with mixer shower over bath

4 Easy Ways to Upgrade a Small Bathroom


Author: Aqualisa


Just because you have a small bathroom, doesn’t mean it can't be big on quality. With clever products, design know-how, smarter technology and a little bit of elbow grease, you can make a small bathroom extra special. Here are four ways to update and upgrade your bathroom easily.

Conceal Pipework

Smaller bathrooms tend to have smaller shower and bathing spaces. However, you can increase the space you have in the shower by opting for concealed pipes beneath the tiling. By keeping pipes out of sight you get more shower space.


Concealing aspects of your shower is especially popular with homeowners fond of the minimalist aesthetic. It ties in with these trends nicely as it keeps bathrooms looking clean, sleek and straight-lined. Always choose trained professionals to carry out the work for you.

Add Mirrors

If you are wanting to upgrade your bathroom by making it look more spacious, mirrors are going to work well. Reflecting the light with mirrors helps any bathroom look bigger. It is even more effective when you pair mirrors with a light colour scheme.


If you are worried that many mirrors and a lighter palate will start to look too clinical, You can offset this worry by adding a dash of colour here and there. Use brighter towels or even add a plant or two to keep your bathroom aesthetic homely.

Go Smart

Bring your showers right up-to-date by adding some of the trailblazing technology in the industry. Now our bathrooms can utilise leading technologies to make showering or bathing easier and more enjoyable.


There are a number of technologies available that can make showers only operate at your preferred temperatures, fill baths to a set depth automatically, change pressure with the touch of a button and be controlled remotely. 


Your smaller bathroom can pack a big punch with these innovative products.


If you don’t want to go out buying new products or even a plant, there is one cost-effective way to upgrade your bathroom - and that is to declutter it. Lots of us are hoarding body products, shampoos and hotel toiletry sets that we are never going to use. It’s time to get rid of those things.


Start by clearing out all of these items to recycle or donate to any accepting charities. With these out of the way, you may then be able to downsize on storage items and make even more room.

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