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How to Plan to Maximise your Bathroom Space

How to Plan to Maximise your Bathroom Space


Author: Aqualisa


Bathrooms are meant to be a sanctuary, a small slice of heaven in our increasingly hectic lives, but surprisingly they often fall down the list on rooms to renovate. When starting any remodelling project there is a huge list of questions that you’ll need to ask yourself, and unless you are a professional who does this every day, it can become quite overwhelming. We have put together our top considerations when planning your new bathroom to help navigate the decision maze and come out with a space that you’ll love for years to come.

Be Realistic

Before you start any renovation project it is a good idea to have an estimate on what you can realistically spend. This seems like a pretty obvious piece of advice, but managing your expectations (and budget!) from the off can help you design a bathroom that you love without breaking the bank. The size of the room, materials used and labour costs will all factor in to your overall spend. But this doesn’t mean that you have to scrimp to get quality products within your bathroom – our Midas range provides a contemporary and stylish solution which, thanks to the internal brass valve, is manufactured to last. Draw up a wish list of everything you could want and then work out what you can afford.

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Plan, Plan, Plan

And plan again! Picture this: you see a showroom bathroom, fall in love and buy it, and then get it home and find out that it doesn’t fit your bathroom space.

Small considerations like door openings, wall space for storage and your viewpoint entering the room will all impact your bathroom choices. A key factor that will affect your design will be the position of the soil pipe, so bear this in mind from the start.

There are a number of great planning tools available online which allow you to map out your space in both 2D and 3D in some cases. Bathstore allows you to plot in 2D, with the option of booking an expert design consultation instore to see your plan come to life. Victoria Plum use SketchUp on their website to allow you to plan and visualise your space in 3D without the need for a CAD design degree!

Re-use What You Have

Whilst you may want to refresh your bathroom space in an older property, think about what is already in place. Vintage tiles which have been spruced up can be a nice addition within the room and, cleverly complimented, can add real style and individuality to the space. This will also reduce the potential cost of removing tiles which may be stuck on pretty tight – you might learn to live with a repurposed tile if it means you can splash out on a good shower. Aquatique is a great shower to consider in this instance; it’s traditional style and elegance brings a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Maximise Your Space

So, you are working with a more modest space? This means you have to say goodbye to certain additions in your bathroom, right? Absolutely not. Nowadays you can get toilets, sinks and even shower enclosures in all shapes and sizes, and choosing a less invasive unit can actually make a bathroom appear bigger. Finding multi-purpose solutions can be both a cost and space effective way of planning your project, so shop around to find the best result.

Feeling overwhelmed and needing a relaxing shower? We recommend popping in to your local Aqualisa showroom so that our trusted stockists can help take your stresses away – or the bathroom related ones at the least.

Maximise your Space