what is a digital shower
What is a Digital Shower?

What is a Digital Shower?


Author: Aqualisa


Digital Shower

Mornings can be hectic - the kids are fighting, the coffee machine is broken, and your commute to work just became a nightmare. Life is filled with uncontrollable stresses. However, with Smart technology firmly embedded into our daily lives, mornings are becoming easier to manage and this automation is available in the bathroom too. The days of freezing yourself trying to get the temperature ‘just right’ are now long gone thanks to thermostatic Smart Digital showers. But what exactly is a digital shower and how does this smart technology fit into your busy lifestyle?

What is a Digital Shower?

A digital shower gives you complete control of temperature and water flow, and the simplicity and ease of use make it even more appealing for a family bathroom.

If we want to get technical, we can think about Smart Digital showers as having two halves – the brains and the beauty. The brains of the operation are in the form of a processor unit which is situated away from the shower enclosure, often in the loft. This technology gives you precise control over temperature and flow; our Aqualisa Smart Valve checks the water temperature 10 times every second to make sure the water is just right!

And the beauty? Unlike traditional mixer and electric showers, the processor is situated away from the showering area. By separating the bulky processor from the shower, you are left with a sleek and unobtrusive design that not only looks fantastic but offers flexibility in your bathroom.

Digital showers burst onto the scene back in 2001 when Aqualisa revolutionised showering forever. Our flagship model Quartz set about to challenge conventional ways of showering, offering superb temperature stability, flow control and a simple start/stop option. Gone were the days of knocking your arm on the temperature lever and dousing yourself in freezing cold water.

Fast forward 17 years and Digital Showers now come with a wide variety of features. Our ground-breaking model Aqualisa QTM offers a truly personalised shower. This intuitive design puts you in complete control of temperature and flow rate, allowing you to change both at the push of a lever. Once you’ve found your go to shower, you can even save these settings within the unit – every family member can now save and replay the shower that they love effortlessly.

Aqualisa Q

So why go Digital?

An advantage of choosing an Aqualisa digital shower is the intuitive LED indicator which lets you know when the “warm-up” phase is complete, so you step into bliss from the moment the water hits you. The ability to add a remote control is both luxurious and practical, allowing you to get your shower to the perfect temperature before stepping in – no more soggy arm syndrome reaching in to turn your shower on.

With every digital shower model, there is also an automatic shut-off function should your hot or cold water supply fail. This integrated safety feature is a huge benefit of going digital, so you can be safe in the knowledge that the whole family is protected.

Aqualisa Quartz Remote

Is a Smart Digital Shower suitable for my bathroom?

Almost certainly yes – Aqualisa Smart Digital Showers have been designed to work with high pressure, combi and gravity water systems, so even if your water needs a boost we’ve got a model for you. When it comes to thinking about your Digital shower project, think about the siting of your processor box in advance to give yourself maximum flexibility when choosing how to configure your controls.

Not sure what water system you have? Check out our handy guide to help you on your journey.

Aqualisa Rise Digital Shower

Surely a Smart Shower is going to use lots of water?

This can be a common misconception when you see the size of our drench head! All of our Smart Valves can actually be set to ‘eco’ mode during installation, which can reduce the water consumed by up to 33%.

Water is a precious thing that we don’t want to waste, so Aqualisa Q™ has gone the extra mile with its ‘Water Save’ function. This nifty feature uses our proximity technology* to automatically reduce the water flow when you are more than half a metre away. Not only can this save you money, you are helping the environment by reducing your water usage, all without compromising your showering experience.

But can I really afford a Digital Shower?

Absolutely – we stock a variety of ranges to suit every budget. Our entry level model Visage starts at £569 (incl VAT) for the package – this includes the valve, controller and Handset. In the market for an intuitive and top of the range model? Check out Aqualisa Q for the next generation of Smart Digital showers that’s set to revolutionise the way we shower. With the unique proximity sensor, pre-programmed user modes and customisable colour options, let Q make you fall in love with showering again.


*Not recommended for use with Combination boilers, minimum shower cubicle size recommended.