concealed shower on tiled wall

Concealed vs Exposed Showers - The Pros and Cons


Author: Aqualisa


Understanding the difference between concealed showers and exposed showers is simple. An exposed shower is when the valve of the shower is mounted on the tiles and is in view. On the other hand, a concealed shower places the valve and any pipework beneath the tiles where it is not seen.


But how do you know which type to choose? Read on to learn the pros and cons of concealed and exposed showers.

Why Choose a Concealed Shower?

Concealed showers are extremely popular, especially in modern bathrooms or smaller bathrooms that need to make the most of limited space. Although there is nothing stopping you from choosing one if you have a more rustic design or a larger bathroom.


Due to the valve and any pipework being hidden beneath the tiles, concealed showers are the perfect choice for a bathroom with a minimalist aesthetic, and anyone that wants to create straight edges and reduce clutter.


They are also an ideal option if you have a smaller bathroom and want to make the most of your space. It can be difficult to use a small shower space with an exposed unit as the valve can be knocked while washing, reducing the pressure of the water or accidentally changing the temperature. A concealed shower allows you to maximise the space.


One problem when choosing a concealed shower is that because the valve and pipework are located behind the tiling, existing décor may be damaged, and it can be more costly to install. It is recommended to choose this type of shower when you are also upgrading your shower tiles at the same time.

So, What About an Exposed Shower?

There are also many reasons to choose an exposed shower. First, there is a diverse range of designs on offer meaning your exposed shower can seamlessly fit in with your current bathroom aesthetic. Whether you have an uber-modern bathroom or an older more characterful theme, you can find an exposed shower that matches your needs.


Yet, the biggest benefit of exposed showers when sizing up your options against concealed models is in the installation process. As mentioned, exposed showers can be more expensive to fit and can damage existing tiling, but this isn't applicable to exposed showers because they are easily added on top of your tiles with minimal fuss.


If you are happy with your current bathroom and only want a new shower, the economic choice would be to go for an exposed shower.

Exposed and Concealed Showers at Aqualisa

For more information on our range of concealed and exposed showers at Aqualisa, do not hesitate to drop us a line. Our team of experts will be happy to go through your options, making sure you get the shower you need within your budget.