Hever Castle


Aqualisa’s HiQu™ smart showers have been installed at recently refurbished, Hever Castle, in Kent, once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. The team at Hever Castle specified the Aqualisa product primarily for its performance, reliability and modern aesthetic, but also, in no small part, because of Aqualisa’s local Kent heritage.

The Challenge


Hever Castle in Edenbridge, Kent originally opened its doors to the public in the 1960’s and opened a stunning bed and breakfast in 2012. Over time, the castle has continued to require maintenance and refurbishment, especially in the luxury accommodation areas that provide 5-star bathing and showering facilities. The castle, renowned for its design style and meticulous attention to detail, wanted a shower that could meet all the requirements of a unique, historic venue that promises guests an exclusive and unforgettable experience.


“Visitors to such a premium establishment, be that a hotel or a castle, expect a shower that adds a luxury feel but is also simple to use” commented Sarah Clark, Interior Designer for the project.


The Solution


Aqualisa’s HiQu™ smart shower was specified for all 28 guest bedrooms within the Anne Boleyn and Astor Wing.


It’s sleek and attractive aesthetic suited the traditional room designs but also met guests’ expectations of a luxury bathroom experience, using the latest technology for both convenience and pleasure. It is extremely easy to use, with a push button start/stop control via the shower controller or wireless remote.


Aqualisa’s HiQu™ smart shower range has separate dials for temperature and flow. Blue and red LED lights indicate when the system is cooling down and heating up while a white light shows that the shower has reached the user’s intended temperature. Diverter technology also ensures that the user can easily switch between multiple outlets, again via the shower controller or a remote control. 


“The remote control was a priority feature for us as the shower can be switched on before the user steps in, which really provides our guests with an added value, personal experience,” said Roland M. Smith, House Manager at Hever Castle. “Additionally, inconsistent water pressure has always been a problem throughout this old building, an issue which the HiQuTM has removed by using a smart processor with an integral pump, which boosts low or variable water pressure to maintain a powerful flow rate.


“As the old building had a unique fabric to work around and visitors were continuously present, this was always going to be a challenging project. Nonetheless, Aqualisa’s high-quality system was easy to install and adapted to the specialist requirements of a building configuration that, despite significant restoration, stays true to its medieval and Tudor origins.  The installation flexibility of the smart processor, in terms of location as well as its push fit connections, means the shower has been simple to install and will be straightforward to maintain over time.”


The smart valve can be located up to 10 meters away from the shower controller in places with easy accessibility, such as in a cupboard space or under the existing bath, ideal for the castle where regular checks and servicing are carried out. Furthermore, the remote valve also frees up the showering area itself to optimise the shower design and make the most of whatever space is available.


The Result


Sarah Clark concludes, “The feedback has been great across the board, with visitors praising the design of the shower and the successful combination of old and new interior styles.”


Jerry Gorman, Head of Specification at Aqualisa also reflected, “It was wonderful to see how well the HiQu™ showers complemented the stunning and historic Hever Castle. As we are on the doorstep, we had the opportunity to work closely with the team at Hever Castle throughout the whole project. We were able to supply an attractive product that was easy to use and flexible enough to work within the structure of the building and which delivered a great showering experience.

Everyone’s impressed with the result, and how the showers contribute to an enjoyable and memorable stay for guests.”


Sustainable innovations from Aqualisa:

As pioneers in smart showers, we have embedded sustainable features as standard. The intuitive ShowerMe™ Smart App is designed to track the family’s usage and encourage better water efficiency and awareness, as well as helping to save costs. Using the app, the duration, temperature and flow rate of the shower can be selected, and each member of the household can create a personalised profile that remembers their preferences, every time they take a shower.

The intelligence behind every Aqualisa smart shower is Aqualisa’s innovative SmartValve™ technology. When installing the SmartValve™, the maximum temperature can be selected, making sure that the water is safe for every member of the family. Reducing that maximum temperature by a couple of degrees can mean considerable savings on your energy bills.

Another significant feature of the Aqualisa SmartValve™ is its Eco mode. Once selected, this can reduce water consumption by up to 33%, lessening wasted resources and saving on household utility costs.

Aqualisa smart showers are also equipped with an ingenious bath fill option, allowing remote selection of the required bath temperature and level. This gives the user complete control over the volume being used – saving water every time.

Aqualisa Harmony™ shower heads have been cleverly designed to deliver a powerful spray, while allowing users to make water savings of up to 25%. When the ‘eco’ spray on a Harmony™ head is selected, the shower head concentrates and angles the spray from its two outer rings. The result is a spray pattern that is highly refreshing, yet incredibly water-efficient.

Our Sustainability Awards

BMA Sustainability Awards 2021 Nominee

Real Homes Awards 2021: Winner – Aqualisa Quartz Touch Smart Shower

“The showering profiles for different people are sure to speed up time spent in the bathroom, optimising both energy and water usage for a more economical shower.” – Real Homes