Meet the Team: Introducing our new Product Trainer Jamie
Meet the Team: Introducing our new Product Trainer Jamie

Meet the Team: Introducing our new Product Trainer Jamie


Author: Aqualisa


We’re extending a big welcome to our new product trainer. In the true words of Cilla Black, ‘What’s your name and where do you come from?’

Hi, my name’s Jamie Cox. I’m 28 years old and you may well have seen my face travelling down the motorway, as I’m on the back of all the Aqualisa vans! I’ve been working with Aqualisa for 7 years, initially as a Customer Service Rep before starting as an apprentice, training for 6 months alongside my customer service job and then becoming a full-time Aqualisa engineer. I’ve been in this role for the last 6 years so I’m excited to bring my knowledge into a training environment.


What does a typical day look like for you as an Aqualisa Engineer?

My day to day job is so varied - I could be in Kent in the morning and London by the afternoon fixing and renewing Aqualisa showers. It’s challenging at times (especially climbing into some of the cubbies people hide their processors in!) but it’s a very rewarding job.

Have you got any strange fixes from your plumbing days that you can share with our Installers?

I’d have to say the strangest job I did was pulling a Mars bar wrapper from a hot inlet filter on an Aqualisa processor – How it got there I have no idea but it’s no surprise it needed fixing!


We’ve heard that you’ve got a long history with Dave May. Now he’s passed the torch on to you, what advice has he given you for carrying on his legacy?

Dave as been a family friend since before I can even remember – Dave and my Dad go way back – and the fact we’re both avid Chelsea fans helps! When he found out I was taking on his role he gave me the best advice, telling me to go in and make the job my own. I’m lucky that I can still pick his brains if I need to in the early days, but I’m excited to get to know you all.


Lastly, tell us a fun and random fact about you

Apart from my passion for 80’s music, even though I was a 90s baby, I’ve actually got one foot smaller than the other. We can blame a bad accident and an unfortunately timed growth spurt for that one, and it does make buying shoes a pain, but it’s what makes me unique!