Happy World Environment Day Aqualisa
Happy World Environment Day 2019

Happy World Environment Day 2019


Author: Aqualisa


Happy World Environment Day

Here at Aqualisa we are passionate about protecting our environment, not just for ourselves but for the generations to come. We run a range of schemes to reduce our companies impact on the environment, both here at our Westerham site and in the homes of our customers! Here are just a few of the things we are doing:


We understand the current issue with waste and the impact which it has on our society! This is why we are working hard to reduce our impact on the environment, whether that’s through reducing packaging from deliveries we receive and on the products we send out or waste from our employees working on site.

We are hot on our recycling policy, ensuring that all waste that can be recycled IS recycled. However, just recycling is not enough for us! We want to prevent the creation of waste in the first place. Our employees are being incentivised to create a reduce and reuse culture through a range of schemes such as free reusable Aqualisa water bottles and coffee cups and free reused packaging for moving house and storage. Removing single use bottles and cups from the work environment is part of an effort to reduce an estimated 220,000 litres of general waste from our site in just one year!

Moving forward, we are also looking to launch a clothes bank scheme on site, to reduce the impact of fast fashion on our environment and help those in need. We are continuing to reduce packaging wherever possible and are looking into more waste reducing ideas to implement on site.