See the Aqualisa Smart ranges

Remote Control

The digital era made the remote control possible, and you will wonder how you ever managed without one. It starts your shower remotely so you only ever need to step in when it’s temperature-ready. We now call this smart showering.


We are shower experts and know a thing or two about shower heads. Our new Vita™ handset has been designed to maximise the experience from our latest Quartz Smart Valve™ and our Harmony™ head is an established partner to much of the smart shower range. There are drencher heads to suit all bathroom sizes & styles. From 200mm in the core range up to 400mm with LED lighting in the premier collection. Aqualisa smart showers also feature Pinch-grip slider™ handset holders for easy one-handed operation

Smart Bathing

If you can have a new bath, let it be a smart bath. Once you set it, it will fill up and automatically stop filling at the temperature and level at which you set it, making constant checking a thing of the past. Great for your family, and great for you.

Simple Installations

So simple that we call it Fit & Forget. The Aqualisa smart valve, the brain of our smart showers, can be sited remotely in a loft, the airing cupboard or even under the bath. Fitting can take a few hours rather than a whole day.