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Electric Showers

Electric Showers



electric showers

Aqualisa electric showers are simple to install and easy to use. As well as award winning performance, they come in a contemporary design and finish.

The ideal solution for simple showering, an electric shower offers an endless economical flow of water and unlike other showering systems, will not use your stored hot water. The perfect solution for smaller or additional shower rooms or en-suites.

Using an electric shower is also economical as it only heats the exact amount of water that you need, without wasting energy and water. For this reason, the electric shower is considered to be an environmentally friendly option. All our electric showers carry the European Water Label and are rated Energy Efficiency ‘A’.

When looking for a quality electric shower, remember to look for useful features that reduce the build up of limescale, such as rub clean nozzles and safety features such as an over-temperature protection system, that will protect the user from selecting an unsafe temperature.

Cost-efficient electric showers are fed directly from the mains cold water supply and are able to provide the user with constant hot water supply on demand.

This type of shower is ideal for homes with a limited or unreliable hot water supply.

The water is heated as it passes over an element inside the shower unit, the flow and temperature are adjusted together to your preference.

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Electric Showers