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Sku: Shower pump Mach

Shower pumps Mach

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Shower pump Mach


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Shower Pumps Mach

3 different pressure pumps available
For use with Gravity water systems only
Shower pumps Mach

- Gives more power to your shower
- Increase the pressure and the flow

- Suitable for use with mixer showers and single outlet digital showers on Gravity water systems only.

- Not suitable for use with Aquastream™ Thermo, integral pumped digital showers and digital dual outlet showers on Gravity water systems.

- Length: 306mm
- Width 126mm
- Height (excluding flexible hoses) 223mm
- Power supply : V: 230 PH:1 Hz:50
- Enclosure : MC0120 - IP22, MC0250 - IP44, MC0340 - IP44
- Type of motor : Induction
- Power consumption : MC0120 - 430 Watts, MC0250 - 635 Watts, MC0340 - 815 Watts
- full load current : MC0120 1.9 Amps, MC0250 2.8 Amps, MC0340 3.8 Amps
- Rating : Intermittent (S3) 20 mins on/40 mins off @ 15 l/min.
- Max No starts per hour: 60
- Max in let head : MC0120 - 13 metres, MC0250 - 14 metres, MC0340 - 14 metres
- Max head (closed valve ): MC0120 - 18.6 metres, MC0250 - 26 metres, MC0340 - 34 metres
- Max working pressure: MC0120 370 kPa (3.7 bar), MC0250 600 kPa (6.0 bar), MC0340 600 kPa (6.0 bar)
- Max ambient temperature: 40ºC
- Max water temperature : 65ºC

In normal circumstances the temperature of stored water should never exceed 65ºC. A stored water temperature of 60ºC is considered sufficient to meet all normal requirements and will minimise deposition of scale in hard water areas.
- Min water temperature : 4ºC
- Noise : The equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level at a distance of 1 metre from the pump does not exceed 70 dB(A).
- Connections: 22mm push-fit flexible hoses including isolation valves supplied.
- Shower system compatibility : Thermostatic range all systems except Aquastream Thermo, Axis Digital standard systems, Quartz Digital shower standard systems

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