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Shower bodyjet Aquajet-Shower bodyjet Aquajet - Chrome

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Shower bodyjet Aquajet

- 2 colours available : Chrome and Gold
- For high pressure water systems only

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Shower bodyjet Aquajet-Shower bodyjet Aquajet - Chrome

A beautiful Chrome or Gold finished round body jet. Perfect for creating a shower that massages you. Sold individually, body jets require high flow rates when used in conjunction with an overhead shower.

- Depth from the wall : 78mm
- Wallplate width : 50mm
- Requires high water pressure (minimum 0.5 bar)
- Projection: depends on your pump and water pressure.
- Colours: Polished Chrome
- Shape: Round
- Spray plate material : ABS

Want a brand new shower bodyjet:

We all know that in the uk water is really hard.
To get rid of all the limescale you can get, grab a freezer bag and fill it with baking soda and white vinegar (again, yes!).
Attach it to your shower bodyjet with an elastic band and turn on the water to fill it up a little.
Leave it to rest all night!

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