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Aqualisa is an established and iconic British shower brand synonymous with quality and innovation since 1977.

It was in this year that Aqualisa first designed and manufactured a thermostatic shower valve that would change the British bathroom and shower forever. Easy to use and install, safe, reliable and designed to combat the nuances of the British plumbing system, Aqualisa’s bi-metallic shower valve revolutionised shower design and shower manufacturing.

In 2001, Aqualisa designed and patented the first digital shower, Quartz. Using a pioneering, highly sophisticated showering technology that sees the shower controlled by a remotely sited processor, digital showers have since become an established showering technology in their own right. Distinct from conventional thermostatic showers, digital showers have become enormously popular thanks to their ease of installation, compatibility with all types of domestic plumbing systems, intuitive functionality and more recently, green and water saving features.



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