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What is a Smart Shower?

Aqualisa is where smart showers and smart showering technology began. In 2001 we created our first smart shower in the form of the Aqualisa Quartz™. We've never looked back and have gone on to create many more smart showers, the newest being the Aqualisa Q™.


Remote Activation - No cold wet arm

Smart showers look to create the perfect shower through innovation. A smart shower can be controlled remotely from outside the shower cubicle, meaning you don’t get a cold wet arm when reaching in to turn on the shower. There's also no need to keep checking the temperature as an LED will flash during the "warm-up" stage, then will remain lit to tell you that the shower is ready at your perfect temperature. Our Aqualisa Q™ tells you it's warming or cooling with the temperature displayed on the TFT screen, once the desired temperature is reached these messages will disappear and it will cease flashing.


Aqualisa Q Remote


Personalisation - create your own showering experience

Our new Aqualisa Q™ and Q™ Edition offer personalisation features in the form of My Q™. This gives you the ability to choose from a range of pre-set shower experiences, such as "Sport" and "Family". You also have the option to save your showering experience selecting a unique combination of temperature, outlet, flow and duration. A simple and perfect showering experience is put into your hands.



Save Water with Eco-mode

Our smart valves, which are the “brains” behind the shower, can be set to ‘eco’ mode which can reduce the water by up to 33%. Additionally, our Aqualisa Q™ has a 'Water save' feature which automatically reduces the flow when you step more than half a metre from the shower using our proximity technology*. This means when you’re shampooing, conditioning, or shaving your legs you won’t be wasting water. These features can save you money and help the environment by reducing your water usage without the worry of compromising your showering experience.

Smart Baths - switch on and forget

Repeat your perfect bath every time with our Smart bath fillers. Simply record your bath depth and you won't need to worry about it overflowing. Smart bath fillers are the ideal choice for busy lifestyles be that the children's bath time routine, soaking your muscles after a heavy gym session, or unwinding with a good book after a hectic day in the office.

Fits any bathroom

Smart technology works in all bathrooms large and small. Our range gives you the ability to personalise your shower, so it is right for your bathroom, from adjustable heads with multiple spray patterns to drencher heads. These allow you to rest, relax, and recover by making a spa-like experience in your own bathroom with minimal effort.

If you're not planning on a full bathroom renovation, why not choose from our 'Exposed range' of smart showers? 

Loved by Installers

Due to the size of the smart valve, no bigger than a shoe box, it can be located in the loft, airing cupboard, or even under the bath. This means there is less pipework making the installation quick and easy.


See more about our newest Smart shower, the Aqualisa Q™ here:





*Not recommended for use with Combination boilers, minimum shower cubicle size recommended.