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How to future proof your shower and avoid costly mistakes

How to future proof your shower and avoid making costly mistakes

When choosing a new shower for your bathroom, the type of water system you have is so important. Your water system determines the type of shower you can have – and if you invest in a new shower now, only to upgrade your water system in a couple of years’ time, it could cause your shower to fail.

Along with adding value to your property, a new bathroom also makes you feel good. A brand new sanctuary to escape the stresses of modern life. And a shower is central to a dream bathroom. Yet, when planning a new bathroom, people often look at the style of shower they want, but very few know which water system they have. Even the Which? Guide to choosing a shower makes no mention of water systems.

Making sure your water system is up to the job is the most important step when investing in a new shower. Only then will you know that the shower will be future proofed or even that it will still function in a few years’ time. We hear too many horror stories of people spending money on their dream bathroom only to have the water system fail or find out that their water system isn’t equipped to deal with their snazzy new shower. Unfortunately, design and style are sexy, boilers and water systems aren’t!

Around 60% of UK plumbing systems are gravity fed, typically with the tank in the loft, but there’s a move towards combination boilers and unvented cylinders. Both are more future proof. The problem is that once your water system has been changed, an existing shower may no longer work, especially where mixer or digital showers are designed to work specifically on a gravity fed system with an integral pump.

My tip is to factor in your existing water system right at the start. Ask your installer for advice on your water system and if it’s likely that you will need to change it in the next few years. If so, it might pay to replace the system at the same time as the new shower is installed. This will cost more upfront, but you will have peace of mind that your bathroom and shower will be future proofed for years to come.

For future proof showers, I recommend a digital shower, such as our brand new spa style Infinia. Digital showers offer the best future proofing all round, including style and functionality. They are super-safe, reliable and suitable for every type of bathroom and user, both young and old. They also have helpful features such as remote controls to avoid leaning into the enclosure and getting a wet arm. All of our digital showers come with a five year guarantee, so you can take comfort that your shower will last.

Simon Cornelius
Senior Product Manager

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